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Join us with the AIM to provide insight and answers into the questions related to AI and Media.
Serbia, Novi Sad,
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Conference AIMedia2023, in Novi Sad, aims to shed light on the future of media in the age of AI.


In July 2023 companies created products supported by AI, pitched as a helpmate

for journalists, as well as content and picture creation.

We have gathered credible and reputable panelists, with the AIM of addressing the following inquiries:


Can AI replace journalists?

Can AI effectively supplant  traditional media?

To what extent can we, as humans, entrust AI to generate news and pictures?

In a landscape where AI-generated content exists, how adept are we at discerning the

 authenticity of news?

Considering the advancement of AI, what lies ahead for the future of media in the coming years?


Those are the questions we want to address at the AIMedia2023 conference in Novi Sad


(Venue: Rectorate Building, University of Novi Sad)

October 17th 2023

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Panel Speakers / Breaking News: How AI is
Shaping the Future of Media

Panel Speakers / Tomorrow's Tools: AI's Role in
Shaping Our Future

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ADDRESS: Rectorate Building, University of Novi Sad

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